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Smell Good! Feel and make feel good

Good smelling men are always found attractive. But, what does smelling good really mean? Everyone has their own version of definition of smelling good, for some it might be a hint of spicy cologne or a whiff of a manly perfume, to some it may mean the absence of any body odour, even after a long day at work, and to some, it may mean a clean and freshly soap washed body.

Here are a few quick tips to keep you smelling fresh and nice all day long.

Help your perfume and cologne last

It doesn’t really matter whether you have applied the high-end long-lasting perfume for men; the fragrance is bound to dim after a point of time. So, what is it that can be done to keep the perfumes and colognes lasting for longer?

Applying the perfume at the right places will help the fragrance linger on your skin for a long haul. Apply the perfume and cologne

  • On your pulse points like your wrists, back of your neck, and inside your elbow joint
  • On your heels of your feet
  • On your hair by spraying small quantities of the perfume on your hair brush
  • Using a roll on instead of high intensity perfume
perfumes for men

Be clean

Regular showers and hitting the right spots with your soap or body wash will help in eliminating the germs and bacteria from lodging on your skin, thus creating the offending body odour. Taking a shower twice daily is good if you can manage that but at least focusing on the important places like your armpits, groin area, and butt will help you keep fresh and smelling naturally good.

Use nice smelling moisturizers

It is ok for the men also to use moisturizers and lotions. Choose one that suits your personality and does not overpower the senses or seems feminine. Apply the lotion right after the shower to keep you smelling fresh and good.

Carry a roll-on deodorant

What activities you undertake on daily basis cannot be set and some unexpected activities may contribute to your body odour. Applying a roll on deodorant on the go will help in getting rid of the smell and help you smell nice, at least temporarily.

Smelling good may not always be possible but making an effort to smell good is surely possible. Putting in a little effort and being clean, hygienic, and choosing the best fragrance for men will surely help in keeping you smelling nice all day long.

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