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Skin Care Routine For The Male Folks

Taking care of your skin is not only for the women. Agreed, you are rough and tough but your face doesn’t have to show that you are from the jungles, and scrubbed with sandpaper.

It is a general notion that men hate the fussiness of a skin care routine and love to be minimalistic. Yes, most men prefer to use one bar of soap for everything, i.e. hair, face, and body but, this is not true for every man out there. You can be minimalistic and yet take good care of your skin. Giving it some attention and care will only help in retaining your skin’s glow, health, and vitality.

Skin care routine for you to follow

Cleanse your skin twice daily

Before you start your day and move out in the highly polluted air of the cities and towns, cleans your face with a basic face wash to get rid of dirt you have accumulated from your pillowcase overnight. Believe it or not, your pillowcase has more dirt than the floor.

Every night after you return from outdoors, make it a habit to clean your face with a basic and light face wash to get rid of the dirt, grim, and oils that have lodged themselves on your skin and feel clean and fresh

Moisturize and sun block

Using a moisturizer will help in keeping your skin soft and supple and healthy too. Preserve your skin and protect it from the harsh sun and strong winds by using proper sun block creams and lotions.

Creating a skin care routine to keep your skin ageless and glowing is quite easy but what s difficult is keeping up with the routine on a daily basis. Using various products designed for men apart from the regular face washes, shaving cream, cologne, shaving lotions, and such, using moisturizers and cleansers do not make you any less of the man you are. In fact, it helps you keep your skin healthy and shinning.

Exfoliation and deep cleansing

Washing your face with a good quality mild face wash will help in getting rid of the dead skin that clog the pores of your skin and prevent it from breathing smoothly. Clear away that dead skin from your face to prevent breakouts and acne. Scrub at least twice a week to keep your skin healthy.

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