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  • Royale Body wash


    An exquisite cleaning and moisturizing formula. IGC Body Wash always ready to make you feel and smell fresh.

    Aloe Vera to nourish your skin

    Strawberry extracts to cleanse your skin

    For all skin types

    Net Volume – 100 ml

  • Royale Shaving Cream


    Shaving is nothing but a form of art for the true debonair. IGC shaving cream blends and lathers luxuriously. Works with any skin type for balancing its tones. It offers a lavishing shaving experience.

    Nourishes and Refreshes the skin

    Adds glow and cleans the blemishes

    Contains antiseptic for cuts

    Contains natural essentials

    Net Volume – 100 ml

  • Royale Shampoo


    A mane is a man’s crown. IGC Royale Shampoo includes it’s all the essential hair growth and maintaining extracts. Your hair deserves nothing but the finest care.

    Includes essential oil to condition and smooth your hair texture

    Gives a refreshing hair texture and smell.

    Avoids any oily scalp and hair problems

    Net Volume – 200 ml

  • Royale After Shave Lotion


    Your freshly shaved skin deserves all the moisture and care. IGC after-shave provides menthol, Aloe Vera and various essential extracts for the perfect after-shave. It ends your shaving ritual with perfectly moisturized skin and balances with any skin type.

    Infused with Natural Essentials

    Heals cuts and burns

    Cleanses the skin with essentials

    Prevents skin irritation and burns

    Maintains all skin types

    Net Volume – 90 ml

  • Royale Face Wash


    We know how to make your selection for Face Wash perfect for you. IGC Face Wash is the perfect combination for cleaning and rejuvenating your skin with its orange extracts. Making your experience beyond perfection.

    Includes Orange extracts for cleansing and rejuvenating.

    Gives your skin a youthful glow

    Includes Anti-oxidants for anti-aging.

    Net Volume – 100 ML

  • Royale Facial Cream


    Treat your skincare right! To end this regime we have the perfect facial cream including sun protection of SPF 25. The richness of apricot extracts suffused with vanilla beans to make it useful for all skin types. Go ahead! Pamper yourself with this luxurious facial-cream.

    Includes apricot essentials suffused with vanilla beans.

    Cream with SPF 25

    Daily routine skin care treatment

    Avoids acne and oily textured skin

    Net Volume –50 ML

  • IGC Shaving Duo

    600.00 500.00

    Shaving Cream
    Shaving is nothing short of an art form for the truly debonair. And the IGC shaving cream blends and lathers up luxuriously, to offer a pleasant shaving experience.

    After Shave Lotion
    Your freshly shaven skin deserves a touch of class and care. And this after-shave, with its menthol and moisturising properties, should be the perfect aid to end your grooming ritual.

  • Rejuvenating Kit 

    600.00 550.00

    Face Wash
    With its orange extracts, the IGC Face wash is perfect when it comes to cleansing your skin and elevating the experience to beyond mere rejuvenation.

    Body Wash
    An exquisite cleaning and moisturising formula comes together to give you an exhilarating shampooing experience.

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