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  • IGC EARTH Body Wash

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    150.00 135.00

    We have created the best product for your body. IGC EARTH Body Wash is pure perfection through its splendid combination of lemongrass, cinnamon and charcoal. It gently exfoliates your body, cleansing your skin and moisturizing it at the same time.

    Deep cleanses and removes impurities
    Reduces excess oil and treats acne
    Hydrates and tightens the skin
    Minimizes appearance of pores
    Improves skin tone

    Did You Know?
    Caffeine : Deep cleanses skin to remove all impurities
    Activated charcoal : Astringent, antibacterial, minimizes pores, reduces excess oil, brightens skin
    Argan oil : Antiseptic, tightens skin, treats acne, reduces signs of ageing, improves skin tone
    Net Volume – 25 ml
  • IGC Royale Gallant Perfume

    1,200.00 999.00

    Confident man.

    Want to be the center of attention? Gallant compliments your sartorial splendor with base tones of Tonka beans and Sandalwood. Perfect balance for a tinge of erotic zeal.

    Base tones: Tonka Beans & Sandalwood

    Tinge of: Fresh Citrus & Patchouli

    Net Volume: 100 ML

  • IGC Royale Nourishing Bodywash

    275.00 225.00

    An exquisite cleaning and moisturizing formula. IGC Body Wash always ready to make you feel and smell fresh.

    Aloe Vera extracts hydrate and nourishes the skin

    Strawberry tightness skin pores and revitalizes skin

    Nourishes dull skin

    Prevents skin from flaking

    Treats Oily skin and leaves a cool effect

    Net Volume – 100 ml

  • IGC Royale Matte Black Shaving Brush


    The opening of your shaving ritual should be a remarkable one. IGC Royal Brush guarantees it with its effortlessly soft synthetic hair bristles for a smooth and enjoying shaving experience. The long-lasting rustproof zinc alloy base will assure a comforting hold during the process.

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