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  • IGC EARTH Face Wash

    150.00 120.00

    Your skin requires exceptional care. IGC EARTH Face Wash is the best formula for your face through its magical amalgamation of charcoal, argan oil, and caffeine. It will grace you with a gorgeous and flawless complexion.

    Deep cleanses and removes impurities
    Reduces excess oil and treats acne
    Moisturizes and tightens the skin
    Minimizes appearance of pores
    Repairs UV damage

    Did You Know?
    Caffeine : Antioxidant, increases circulation, protects skin from UV damage
    Activated charcoal : Deep cleanses skin to remove all impurities
    Argan oil : Moisturizes skin, heals damaged skin cells, anti-ageing, reduces inflammations
    Net Volume – 25 ml
  • IGC EARTH Shampoo

    150.00 120.00

    A lion’s mane is his pride. IGC EARTH Shampoo will protect and pamper your pride through its spectacular combination of caffeine and argan oil. Improve the texture of your hair and make it silky enough for your fingers to smoothly glide through.

    Promotes hair growth
    Protects hair from UV damage
    Treats dry and brittle hair
    Repairs split ends
    Eliminates dandruff and tames frizz

    Did You Know?
    Caffeine : Increases circulation, stimulates hair growth, protects from UV damage.
    Argan oil : Promotes hair growth, adds shine, tames frizz, treats split ends.
    Net Volume – 25 ml
  • IGC EARTH Shaving Cream

    150.00 120.00

    All men deserve a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. IGC EARTH Shaving Cream will greatly moisturize your skin and is gentle even on sensitive skin. Through its exceptional blend of natural oils, it will prevent razor burns and heal any cuts.

    Hydrates and moisturizes skin
    Removes dead skin cells
    Prevents razor burns and heals any cuts
    Reduces excess oil and treats acne
    Tightens the skin

    Did You Know?
    Mint : Moisturizes skin, heals damaged skin cells, anti-ageing, reduces inflammations
    Jojoba oil : Moisturizes skin, heals cuts and burns, soothes irritated skin, fights infections
    Lemon oil : Antiseptic, brightens dull skin, reduces excess oil, treats acne
    Net Volume – 25 ml
  • IGC Matte Black Transforming Safety Razor

    1,500.00 1,350.00

    The perfect aide for a smooth and precise shaving experience, the safety Razor ensures you enjoy the benefits of a fine, fine shave.

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