Shaving Essentials
  • IGC Royale Revitalising After Shave Lotion

    3 out of 5
    325.00 244.00

    Your freshly shaved skin deserves all the moisture and care. IGC after-shave provides menthol, Aloe Vera and various essential extracts for the perfect after-shave. It ends your shaving ritual with perfectly moisturized skin and balances with any skin type.

    Aloevera for hydrating and nourishing skin

    Anti inflammatory properties

    Lanoline treats dry rough itchy skin

    Reduces skin inflammation and heals cuts and burns

    Brightens dull skin

    Net Volume – 100 ml

  • IGC Travel Pouch


    Meet your ideal travel companion. An elegant travel kit with a modern edge to make you look and feel at your best on the move. Designed to sit on the counter, this travel essential features a zipper pocket with multiple elastic loops and an exterior zipper pocket to fit in your all your essentials.

    Today’s traveller wants an immaculately made, functional toilet kit for his long or short journeys, ideally if it is durable and a good looking bag that they can buy. The Luxury Travel Kit is such a bag, in black personalised velvet. This emissary is a high-end fashion line without the high-end prices.

    When you look sharp, you feel confident, and this travel bag looks great. The enduring canvas feels excellent in your hand, and you will notice it each time you pull it out of your luggage.

  • IGC Royale Matte Black Shaving Brush

    999.00 799.00

    The opening of your shaving ritual should be a remarkable one. IGC Royal Brush guarantees it with its effortlessly soft synthetic hair bristles for a smooth and enjoying shaving experience. The long-lasting rustproof zinc alloy base will assure a comforting hold during the process.

  • IGC Arch Duke Collection – Gift Box

    3,750.00 2,513.00

    With an air of reassurance that befits no one lesser than an Archduke, this collection boasts of an impressive array of shaving products to spruce up your grooming ritual.

    Dab your chin with a touch of imperial class and splendour and wear off your stubble – to sculpt to yourself a jawline as smooth as an Archduke’s- presenting, the finest shaving collection fit for you – The Archduke Collection.

  • IGC Royale Classique – Gift Box

    4,950.00 3,465.00

    Does he reach out for his classic blues and black for the evening and a crisp white shirt for the morning? A man like him deserves nothing but the best. Add this to your cart to add persona to his suave approach to life.

  • Royale Signature – Gift Box

    3 out of 5

    A connoisseur of wine, Cuban in his pocket, a beacon of perfection and his chivalry makes you swoon. If that’s his signature style, then this is the perfect gift.

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