IGC Royale Revitalising After Shave Lotion

IGC Royale Revitalising After Shave Lotion

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Your freshly shaved skin deserves all the moisture and care. IGC after-shave provides menthol, Aloe Vera and various essential extracts for the perfect after-shave. It ends your shaving ritual with perfectly moisturized skin and balances with any skin type.

Aloevera for hydrating and nourishing skin

Anti inflammatory properties

Lanoline treats dry rough itchy skin

Reduces skin inflammation and heals cuts and burns

Brightens dull skin

Net Volume – 100 ml

37 in stock

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ThE Royale Aftershave contains essential oils for moisturising healing and cleaning. It soothes post shave skin irritation, heals cuts and burns and leaves the skin enjoying a refreshing cooling sensation.
It nourishes the skin yet maintaining its oil balance.
Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients & Benefits –

  • Aloevera: Natural conditioner, fights dead skin, antioxidant
  • Lanoline: Moisturiser, prevents dry rough and itchy skin, prevents skin flaking.

Direction to Use –

Gentlemen, splash some after shave on your palm and dab it on your face and neck gently to smell like the man who pays the finest attention to detail. PS: It’s a must after you have indulged in a good shave with IGC shaving cream.

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33 reviews for IGC Royale Revitalising After Shave Lotion

  1. DS

    I love the fragrance and the feel of the product. Highly recommend

  2. Rishabh Rao

    This is undoubtedly one of the best after shave lotion available in the market . I generally use Nivea after shave lotion but i thought to give it a try . It’s so soothing on the skin and one thing i love about this product is pleasant fragrance .

  3. Shruti Sharma

    My husband had been facing redness and irritation post shave and had tried too many options but nothing solved the purpose.

  4. Tils Thankachan

    Works as it should so that’s amazing. I always have this in my shaving kit as it fits easily and I travel a lot so I keep things which are handy and fit easily in my kit and also it works well so it’s just a YES YES from me. Will recommend this product.

  5. Aman Jindal

    The product does what it says. You actually get a better shaving experience with less irritation. The problems post-shaving are literally experienced by almost every man out there, and this is one of the best solutions that you can get.

  6. Jobin

    So I’m a person who has a beard and love keeping it like that but after crafting the beard I would get bumps cause of the blades so I came across this after shaving lotion which is amazing it prevents the skin from giving bumps and if any cuts due to the shaving it also works on that. It has lanoline oil and aloe vera in it which nourishes and hydrates the skin and also prevents it from flaking. A product recommended for those who clean shave and also craft their beard. I’d personally recommend it to people firstly because it’s very affordable and secondly it works on the skin very well

  7. Swaraj

    I was a person who was afraid of shaving just because when once I tried, it gave me painful rashes and red marks. A friend of mine suggested me to use after shave lotion. I searched on amazon and got this product. And thought to give it a try. This product is so cool and healthy to use and also so affordable. This product cured every problem of mine and changed my perspective about shaving. It’s invigorating and refreshing formula with vitamin care immediately disinfects just shaven skin and protects against inflammation.Supporting the skin’s natural protection system and helps my skin to glow and regenerate. I am in love with this product.

  8. Ravi

    Royal aftershave lotion soothes post shave skin irritation, heals cuts and burns and leaves the skin enjoying a refreshing cooling sensation. It also prevents dry rough and itchy skin, prevents skin flaking. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  9. Perfume Connosieur

    It’s an after shave lotion in cream form which wasn’t mentioned on the product. It becomes sticky and uncomfortable during summer usage.

  10. Kunal Singh Bhati

    After using this after shave lotion I can truly say it is really a great product. It feels refreshing and better than before. And a plus point is its fragrance is amazing.

  11. Sachin Gaud

    My problem is irritating the skin after a few minutes after the shave. This “Royal Revitalizing Aftershave Lotion for Men with Aloe Vera Extract” works well to me. Its a lotion not a balm. It has cooling/soothing effect on the skin. But it works well that skin has no irritation after using this lotion. Recommended to buy.

  12. Saurav Samson

    I am someone who loves trying new products and I came across this lotion and the ingredients used in the products made me want to try it. I have been using it for almost 2 months now and I highly recommend this product because it moisturizes the skin so well that it helps super hydrated and fresh after shaving. No dullness anymore.

  13. Devansh Peswani

    I have started using royal after Shave lotion recently and man it shows results.

  14. Ankit Machhal

    I am a businessman and I need to look presentable at all times. I shave every day and have been using Indian Grooming Club’s aftershave lotion & it leaves my skin cool & hydrated. It also has a nice smell. Would recommend it to everyone who shaves every day.

  15. Rajiv Shukla

    Just an ordinary aftershave lotion

  16. Prajeesh

    Absolutely amazing product. My Dad is very choosy in after shave and after lot of search, selected on this product. But, he has been a fan of the smell ever since using it.

  17. Chirag Mehta

    Unlike most products, this product does not leave a stinging sensation and also has a great smell. I think this is the best thing that could happen to any boy/man after a shave.

  18. Rahul

    The packaging gives such a royal feel. Amazing product that makes you look forward to shaving!

  19. Kumavat Kamlesh

    Best shaving lotion in today’s market

  20. Amitava Naha

    It’s good

  21. Swami Iyer

    Very good feel and leaves my skin smooth in hot conditions

  22. Prince Parmar

    Amazing after shave from india grooming club.

  23. Ustaad Sheikh

    Very good quality and leaves my skin with cooling effect

  24. Ramesh Goel

    No red marks or burn marks after using this. My skin does not burn when I put a perfume after shaving if I use this after shave. Good one!

  25. Mitul J

    One of the finest ASL I have ever used. My go to product

  26. Sukhi

    Love the glass bottle feel. Very luxoroius vibes with this product.

  27. Ashutosh S

    Very good quality

  28. Riva

    Husband loves the fragrance and the feel of it

  29. Kishore M

    Top quality at a good price

  30. SS

    Pure value for money product

  31. Ajit Shetty

    My daily after shave. It is very good and leaves the skin soft and smooth without any irritation

  32. Swati Varma

    OMG! What a Long-lasting Fragrance!

  33. Arunava Mazumder


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