IGC Royale Hydrating & Acne Control Face Wash

IGC Royale Hydrating & Acne Control Face Wash

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We know how to make your selection for Face Wash perfect for you. IGC Face Wash is the perfect combination for cleaning and rejuvenating your skin with its orange extracts. Making your experience beyond perfection.

Includes Orange extracts for cleansing and rejuvenating.

Loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3

Gives your skin a youthful glow

Controls excess oil secretion and contain acne

Includes Anti-oxidants for anti-aging.

Net Volume – 100 ML

51 in stock

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We know how to make your selection for Face Wash perfect for you. IGC Face Wash is the perfect combination for cleaning and rejuvenating your skin with its orange extracts.
IGC face wash extracts impurities, dirt oil, and pollution from your skin and deep cleanses the pores.
Rich in Vitamins, this face wash is all your natural skin deserves.
We aim to make your experience beyond perfection.

Ingredients & Benefits –

  • Coconut Oil: Mositurises skin, Antioxidant properties
  • Olive Oil: Restore skin smoothness, Protection against ultraviolet lights, anti-aging
  • Miniglobules: Skin Whitening, Absorbs impurities
  • Vitamin E: Anti-aging, Nourishes skin, Helps in giving a youthful glow, Helps repair damaged cells.

Direction to Use –

Squeeze a small amount on your palm and work into a rich lather to let the real man in you shine through. Rinse thoroughly.
PS: Do we need to remind you to avoid contact with your eyes?

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33 reviews for IGC Royale Hydrating & Acne Control Face Wash

  1. Pooja Shah

    What a classy product with great packaging!!! The face feels so fresh with this face wash. It has an amazing refreshing fragrance. Must buy!! Loved it ! Sheer value for money.

  2. Mustafa

    Hands down the best face wash I have used. I was looking for one that is refreshing and easy on the skin. This ticked all the boxes!

  3. Ankit Malpani

    Amazing face wash which cleans and rejuvenates the skin making you feel completely fresh

  4. Surendar Gurav

    Loved the face wash. Feel so fresh and recharged. Total value for money .. goodbye oily skin!

  5. Darshit Jain

    Amazing and a very effective face wash.

  6. Hardik Jiyona

    Product is very nice And scent also..

  7. Vikas Mudaliyar

    Simply superb I love it, Got gift from my wife.

  8. Priyanka Priya

    Awesome! It is very light and natural. My pimples have really started reducing and also, dark spots are fading.

  9. Sanjana Vijayvargiya

    I bought this for my husband and he loves it. He loves its fragrance, its texture and how it feels. Buying it again.!

  10. Kamlesh N

    I got the face wash with the box bend a little but product was excellent

  11. Umaid

    My personal favourite. Leaves face very refreshed

  12. DS

    I love this face wash. Using it for the last 2 years and one small drop spreads enough. The feel on the face is excellent too. Best face wash in the market.

  13. Harman Singh

    Good one.

  14. Ritik Sharma

    I love the feel of this face wash. One of the best I have used

  15. Urvesh Jain

    Very nice product

  16. Kirtik Shama

    Refreshing and energetic

  17. Ujjwal Bhim

    I like this

  18. Franaita Jehangir

    I don’t know why they are not targetting women. I have been using this for a while and it is fantastic. No issue!

  19. Krushit Shah

    Love the classy packaging

  20. Vinay Bham

    My favourite face wash in the market

  21. Sudarshan

    This is a good face wash. Highly recommend anyone with oily skin to try this out

  22. Kiran Bhandari

    I have major oily skin and this face wash keeps it away for hours together. Good one

  23. Sukhpreet Singh

    This helps me recharge every morning and makes me super fresh. Would give it a 5 star but 1 star cut for not available in local stores

  24. Reshma Bhansali

    Never been a big fan of face washes but experimented and turns out I love this one. It is refreshing and makes the skin smoother

  25. Maruti Dhanna

    I like

  26. Sameer Ajgaonkar

    This is one of the finest face washes I have used in a long time. Leaves the skin smoother and gives a very fresh feel after use.

  27. Vinit Jain

    I finished this product in 2 months. It should last longer but product is good.

  28. Nilesh Patel

    High quality product at a good affordable rate

  29. Hitesh Sanghavi

    Never knew about this brand until my friend made me order this. It is absolutely a beauty of a product and would highly recommend it to anyone. I wish they do more marketing and give more awareness of this product.

  30. Ramesh Shah

    1 number product

  31. Lalit Gowani

    Excellent product with top level packaging

  32. Mayur Gowardhan

    This face wash could be better.

  33. Shriram Nair

    Very good royale face wash and I like their gold and black theme. Very classy and rich

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