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IGC Royale Anti-Hairfall & Conditioning Shampoo

IGC Royale Anti-Hairfall & Conditioning Shampoo

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A mane is a man’s crown. IGC Royale Shampoo includes it’s all the essential hair growth and maintaining extracts. Your hair deserves nothing but the finest care.

Infused with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E, promoting hair growth

Strengthens hair follicles

Gives a refreshing hair texture and smell

Fights Dandruff

Soothes the scalp

Net Volume – 200 ml

83 in stock

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A mane is a mans crown. Moisturise your scalp with the rejuvenating qualities of Jojoba oil and Olive Oil.
Vitamin E acts axactly as the solution your hair needs. It helps promote hair growth, repair damage to hair follicles and reduces hair dryness.

Ingredients & Benefits –

  • VitaminE: Reduces hair dryness, nourishes hair, reduces inflammation
  • Jojoba Oil: Moisturises hair follicles without leaving any residue, promotes hair growth
  • Olive Oil: Adds shine, protects keratin in hair, rich in vitamin A

Direction to Use –

Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage uniformly with fingertips over entire scalp and rinse. For men who love finer things in life. Give your hair the care of a true gentleman. PS: Be immaculate in the shower just like you are in life and don’t let it get in your eyes.

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