Royale Signature

Royale Signature

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A connoisseur of wine, Cuban in his pocket, a beacon of perfection and his chivalry makes you swoon. If that’s his signature style, then this is the perfect gift.

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Contents of the box:

Razor Set- 1
The perfect aide for a smooth and precise shaving experience, the safety Razor Set ensures you enjoy the benefits of a fine, fine shave.

Perfume – Pick any 1
Monarch – for the urban man
An imperial fragrance accompanied by a woody aromatic signature tone.

Gallant – for the confident man
Compliment your sartorial splendour with base tones of Tonka beans and Sandalwood

Rembrandt – for the sophisticated man
A heady mix of the choicest citrus flavours

Shaving Cream- 1
Shaving is nothing short of an art form for the debonair man. And the IGC shaving cream lathers up luxuriously, to offer a pleasant shaving experience.

After Shave Lotion- 1
Your freshly shaven skin deserves a touch of class and care. And this after-shave, with its menthol and moisturising properties, should be the perfect aid to end your grooming ritual.

Choose a Perfume

Gallant, Monarch, Rembrandt

How to use

  1. Squeeze some amount of shaving cream on your palms and rub it across your face.
  2. Soak your brush in warm water and lather with gentle circular motions.
  3. Ensure that the area to be shaved in covered in sufficient amount with the cream.
  4. Wash your face with cold water and apply the aftershave lotion in small quantity on the shaved area.


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