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Valentine’s Gift Box- Royale Signature

Valentine’s Gift Box- Royale Signature


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Love is in the air! We bring to you the ultimate range of gift boxes full of love. Valentine’s Gift box Bath & Beyond is the perfect combination of love & affection your man can enjoy in the shower.


Contents of the box:

Razor Set- 1
The perfect aide for a smooth and precise shaving experience, the safety Razor Set ensures you enjoy the benefits of a fine, fine shave.

Perfume – Pick any 1
Monarch – for the urban man
An imperial fragrance accompanied by a woody aromatic signature tone.

Gallant – for the confident man
Compliment your sartorial splendor with base tones of Tonka beans and Sandalwood

Rembrandt – for the sophisticated man
A heady mix of the choicest citrus flavors

Shaving Cream- 1
Shaving is nothing short of an art form for the debonair man. And the IGC shaving cream lathers up luxuriously, to offer a pleasant shaving experience.

After Shave Lotion- 1
Your freshly shaven skin deserves a touch of class and care. And this after-shave, with its menthol and moisturizing properties, should be the perfect aid to end your grooming ritual.

And some chocolates infused with love!

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